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We offer surgery at two private hospitals:

Macquarie St Day Surgery is located on 11th floor of Park House, where our city clinic is located; Dalcross Adventist Hospital is located in the north shore suburb of Killara.

Macquarie St Day Surgery

Level 11, 187 Macquarie St


Ph: (02) 8223 1818

Dalcross Adventist Hospital

28 Stanhope Road


Ph: (02) 9932 6600

Dr Gorbatov also operates at Sydney Eye Hospital, where he is a visiting consultant.

Planning for your surgery:

  • For day surgery, you should expect to spend around 5 hours in the hospital. This will allow for registration and preparation before the surgery, and time for you to recover from anaesthesia afterwards.


  • If you are staying in the hospital overnight, you will be taken directly to your ward after recovery.


  • On the day before the surgery, the hospital staff will contact you to make sure you are well, and to give you instructions on how to prepare for the surgery. If you don’t hear from us by 3pm, please ring the hospital to confirm the time you need to arrive at the hospital.


  • If you are having the surgery in the morning, please fast from midnight before. If your surgery is due in the afternoon, please fast from 7.00 AM on the day of the surgery.


  • Please take your regular medications at usual times with a sip of water.


  • You do not need to stop aspirin or warfarin unless advised to do so. Most patients do not require special tests before the surgery.


For further enquiries, please contact us on 9237 0200. Please understand that the staff may not be able to answer medical questions. Your questions will be related to your doctor immediately.


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