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Cataract refers to fogging or clouding of the crystalline lens. Vision gradually becomes more blurry, and images lose clarity and colour. You may feel more glare on bright sunny days and lights may appear 
streaked at night.

Light entering the eye is normally focused on the 
retina when the lens is clear.

Normal Vision

When cataract has developed, the clouded lens scatters light, causing vision to deteriorate.

Vision with Cataract


Mild cataract can be managed with glasses, but if the lens becomes sufficiently cloudy, surgery is the only practical treatment. Modern cataract surgery (called phaco) is performed under local anaesthesia with 
minimal discomfort. Sutures are rarely required. Laser can be used to help make the wounds but phaco is 
still necessary.

A circular opening is made in the skin (capsule) covering the clouded lens. The lens is broken up using ultrasound and vacuumed out.

Artificial lens is inserted into the now empty capsule, which serves as the holder for the new lens.

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