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Your Visit to Retina & Vitreous Centre

Please allow a minimum of two hours for the visit. Both eyes need to be dilated for a complete examination. Because pupil dilation blurs the vision, it is advisable not to drive yourself. If you are unfamiliar with the travel to Sydney CBD, it may be preferable to have someone accompany you.


Patients are seen according to appointment times, so there is no benefit in arriving much earlier than your appointment time. When you arrive, our receptionist will enter your details in our records and you will be asked to fill out a registration form. If you have not completed the questionnaire, you will have a chance to do this after the registration.


You will be ushered to the vision testing room where you will be asked about your visual symptoms, past medical history, regular medications and other relevant information. Your vision will be assessed and your eye pressures will be measured. Your eyes will then be dilated with eye drops, which takes at least 15 minutes.


After your pupils are fully dilated, you will be taken to the imaging room where photographs and other required investigations, such as OCT scan, will be performed.


The consultation time will vary depending on the problems requiring attention. The doctor may appear to ask questions that you answered already, but this is often necessary to clarify the information and to obtain subtle details that may provide further clues to the diagnosis.


If further tests are required or the treatment needs to be started immediately, the doctor and staff will discuss this fully before proceeding.


After the consultation, the receptionist will settle your accounts and make further appointments if necessary. You may be given further educational materials to take home. Please make sure you keep our contact details handy, so that you can report any problems without delay.

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