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Epiretinal membrane is the build-up of scar tissue on the surface of the macula. As the membrane thickens, the macula becomes swollen and wrinkled, leading to blurring of vision and distortion of images.

Stretch lines
on macula      
 White scar tissue 
OCT Scan

Cross section view of normal macula

Cross section showing thickened and distorted macula

Leads to

Blurring and distortion of images

Epiretinal Membrane

Epiretinal membrane is treated by vitrectomy surgery. The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia with minimal discomfort. With modern techniques, sutures are usually not required.

Vitreous is removed through tiny cuts on the sclera (white of eye) using an automatic cutter.

Epiretinal membrane is stained with a dye and peeled off from the macula using fine forceps. 

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