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Recent advances in technology allows retinal disorders to be diagnosed and treated with unprecedented accuracy and efficacy. Retina & Vitreous Centre offers the highest standards in diagnostic and treatment facilities with fully computerised medical record keeping.

Facilities Available at Retina & Vitreous Centre

Modern consulting rooms

Retina & Vitreous Centre is at the forefront of technology with electronic record keeping and information delivery. All paperwork is stored in a computerised system that we designed and developed, and you won’t find us using paper charts. This means your information is always available to us, whether we are in the consulting rooms or overseas. You can be assured that your records are kept safe from unwanted eyes.

Dedicated procedure room

Patients with wet macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and retinal vein occlusion require regular injection into the eye to control the disease. A dedicated procedure room is available, where our patients can receive injections and other minor treatments in a comfortable surrounding that offer privacy and cleanliness.

Latest equipment

Technology is an indispensable part of modern medicine. At Retina & Vitreous Centre, we have the best diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to offer our patients the benefit of the latest technology in ophthalmology. This translates to a more accurate diagnosis, and treatments that are safer and more precise.

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